The Lightening Alliance serves young adults in North Texas ages 18 – 23 who are at risk of homelessness or struggling to attain self-sufficiency.

On average, 1,200 – 1,500 foster children turn 18 and “age out” of the system in Texas each year. Add to that the growing number of teens who are runaways, throwaways or coming out of incarceration and the numbers become staggering.

These youth have experienced a wide variety of traumas that negatively impact their education, mental health and emotional maturity. They’re often turned out to the streets without the support structures the average 18-year-old high school graduate has — a family who cares about them, positive adult role models, a sound education, and goals for their future with the resources needed to attain those goals.

When we consider that self-sufficiency often occurs in the mid-twenties for most Americans, it’s easy to see the relational and financial gap these young adults face. Add to that a lack of education, a complex governmental bureaucracy, and the wide variety of organizations and services that often work at cross-purposes, it’s no wonder the outcomes for young adults are grim.

It’s a complex situation and there are no easy answers.

Yet the Lightening Alliance seeks to offer hope.  Our mission focuses firmly on the foundational belief that young adults in distress are a precious creation of the Universe placed in our care to encourage their potential and support the emergence of their gifts and abilities.

Society as a whole becomes the beneficiary as each young person is supported to grow into the magnificence they were designed to become.

Beth’s Story