“We are an alliance of community members…

…working together to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable young adults. Our alliance is made up of four key stakeholders: donors, volunteers, agency partners and community partners.”

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Before launching the Lightening Alliance in 2010, I often asked myself, “What happens to young adults who’ve grown up in foster care and then “age out” of the system when they turn 18?”

I set out to find the answer, and discovered some unsettling news: very few grown foster children go on to college, and others commonly face homelessness, teen pregnancy, unemployment and incarceration.

While there are social services that can provide basic needs such as food, clothing, education and job training, vulnerable young adults often remain in a state of crisis and continue to struggle to lead self-sufficient, successful lives.

So again, I asked a question. This time it was, “Why?”

I learned from a therapist who specialized in working with foster children that young adults transitioning out of foster care often have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and poor self-esteem. They often feel worthless and unlovable and lack the emotional skills needed to thrive in their newly independent lives. These vulnerable young adults often suffer from what I call “poverty of the spirit.”

I realized that while existing social services provided much-needed basic survival items, many kids also need help with their emotional lives where self-concepts, self-esteem, beliefs and values live.

I learned that you can teach a kid to fish all day long, but if they don’t know that they’re worth it, many will continue to struggle as adults.

From there I launched the non-profit Lightening Alliance Community Development Corporation (LACDC) and developed our workshop and one-to-one coaching programs. Our name stems from our goal to help lighten the load — the emotional burdens — that young adults in crisis often face.

Lightening Alliance donors, volunteers, agency partners and community partners are people from all walks of life united in a single purpose: to improve the lives of vulnerable young adults in North Texas.

Bottom line?

We help vulnerable young adults develop the personal and emotional mastery needed to transform their lives from the inside out. And from this foundation, they can go on to set healthy goals, define the life they want, and then work to bring their dreams to fruition.

Beth Wickman, Founder and Certified Life Coach

What We Do
The Lightening Alliance is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.